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Our flatbed tri-axle trailers come in a range of sizes with additional options available. Do you need a trailer that is longer than standard or extra wide? Do you need a beaver tail? Or maybe a tilted floor? How about a covered trailer or with fold-out extendable sides? Whatever you need, Roshar Trailers can deliver!

All our tri-axle trailers have a solid and sturdy galvanized frame. They also include superior suspension and brakes.

The heavy-duty jockey wheel and head lock fitted on all our tri-axle trailer couplings keep the towing head of your truck secure, no matter where you go. Our flatbed trailers come with protected light fixtures with double-sealed wiring looms, providing a high-quality, long-lasting lighting system.

Our regular tri-axle flatbed trailer range has a very high standard and is built to last a long time on the road.

Tri-Axle Trailer Features

  • Enhanced suspension
  • Auto reversing brakes
  • Head locks on couplings
  • Heavy-duty jockey wheel
  • Double-sealed wiring loom
  • Galvanized chassis & frame
  • Floor anchor points
  • Ramp storage
  • Built to meet ADR requirements
  • Australian made

As Melbourne’s top trailer manufacturer, we can custom design tri-axle trailers for any purpose. Whatever type of trailer you need – you’ll get the best deal at Roshar Trailers!

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