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Roshar Trailers is one of the leading Trailer manufacturing companies in Melbourne, Australia with over 15 years of Experience in Trailer Manufacturing Industry. We offer a diverse range of trailer options to cater to various customer needs by designing and manufacturing trailers in different sizes, models, including single, dual axle and Tri- Axle formations.

All Roshar Trailers are Australian Made and locally engineered, and they strictly adhere with the Australian Design Regulations (ADR) and Road Vehicle Standards Act 2019 (RVSA) providing our customers with safety and peace of mind.

We focus on value, quality, variety, functionality, and safety and are committed to delivering Trailers that not only fulfill practical needs but also ensure safety and satisfaction for the customers. Our customer-centric approach is fundamental, as it allows clients to find the best-suited trailer for their specific applications. Building long-term relationships with customers and clients while providing exceptional customer service is our Topmost Priority.

Roshar Trailers is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company which covers policies, processes, procedures, and documented records aimed at consistently delivering products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with applicable regulations.

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