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Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

At Roshar Trailers, we set ourselves apart from the competition by manufacturing and supplying a unique range of high-quality hydraulic tipper trailers suitable for many different purposes.

Our hydraulic tipper trailers are made from premium materials which can withstand heavy loads. We have different types of trailers available with lots of technical specifications to choose from.

Why a tipper trailer? Hydraulic tipper trailers are ideal for transporting bulk loads of aggregates or similar cargo. They make unloading fast and easy!

Plus, we can build fully customized trailers based on your requirements and preferences – for whatever purpose you have in mind!


  • Manufactured with the latest trailer technology
  • Safe and secure towing
  • Enclosed designs protect against weather
  • Open, cage, and box designs for quick and easy loading
  • Multiple uses: transporting bulk materials such as sand, gravel, soil, rubble, grain, and much more
  • ADR compliant
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • LED lights
  • Premium paint finish
  • High load-bearing capacity

Hydraulic tipper trailers are the perfect solution for transporting a wide range of goods. Come to Roshar Trailers and see our full range of tipper trailers and choose one to fit your exact needs. Our prices are extremely competitive! Our quality and customer service are unrivalled!

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