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Flexible Use

Flat top trailers are designed to carry a variety of loads, including machinery and equipment. You can use flat top trailers for transporting goods on public roads or in the mining or agricultural industry.

Latest Trailer Technology

Our flat top trailers come equipped with LED lights with a flat/round plug that easily connects to a power source on the vehicle. This feature ensures safety when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. The LED lights provide excellent illumination for loading and unloading cargo at night.

Heavy Load-Bearing Capacity

With a robust design, our range of flat top trailers has a heavy load-bearing capacity of up to 4500kg, depending on trailer size. They are equipped with an anti-sway device to ensure stability when loaded with cargo on uneven terrain such as dirt roads or tracks through bushland areas.


  • Fully open on all four sides or partially enclosed
  • Easy and safe loading and unloading of cargo
  • All trailers comply with Australian Design Regulations
  • LED lighting
  • Premium paint finish
  • Superior load capacity
  • Spare tire and wheel holders
  • Affordable prices

Roshar Trailers are experts in manufacturing flat top trailers for all types of uses. They have superior strength and durability and are built to last!

We use top of the line materials and manufacturing technology for the best results. Contact us today to discuss your flat top trailer requirements.

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    size: 6×4, 7×4, 7×5, 8×5 Custom Size load capacity: 600kg To 4500kg GVM floor: Checker Plate or Smooth Floor draw bar: 100mm x 50mm (Heavy Duty) with 8mm Safety Chain chassis: 40mm x 40mm or 50mm x 50mm Heavy Duty suspension: 5 Leaf to 9 Leaf Slipper mudguards: Heavy Duty Mudguard With Heavy Duty Side Rail Pipe door: Single Door to Three Doors paints: 2 Coats of Paint & 1 Coat Zinc Primer tyre & wheels: Second Hand, New Wheel & Tyre (Optional) lights: LED Lights with Flat/Round Plug to Suit no. plate holder: Special Number Plate Holder wheel bracket: Spare Wheel Bracket
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