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“Will Always Be Leading The Trailer Industry!”

Roshar Trailers offer an optimal combination of productivity, quality and value by building scissor lift trailers that do not require electric brakes.

The scissor lift trailer option brings improved efficiency to your jobs. Load binders are also included with this package that is heavy duty and made of rust resistant components.

Our scissor lift trailers are designed to carry heavy loads. They are easy to load and unload, owing to their high-quality construction and low center of gravity.

These scissor lift trailers have a sturdy design that ensures durability and reliability. Plus, they are super stable when towing!


  • Single or twin loading/unloading ramps
  • Solid or mesh ramps
  • Twin axle design for stability
  • Durable paintwork
  • LED lights
  • Hydraulic tilt bed allows easier loading/unloading
  • Super-grip deck to load your scissor lift quickly
  • Low loading angle ramps
  • Tie-down slots and hooks located on both sides
  • Low center of gravity for stable towing
  • Heavy-duty jockey wheel and spare wheel
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel body & chassis
  • Made in Australia
  • ADR compliant

Need something special? We can customise our scissor lift trailers in accordance with your specifications.

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