8×5 Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

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GVM: 750 Kgs to 4500 kgs

  • Heavy Duty Chassis
  • 2.1mm Chequer Plate Floor With Hot Rolled/Chequer Plate Side Panels
  • Straight Tie Rails Across The Sides
  • Double Folded Chequer Plate / Hot Rolled Guards
  • Front & Rear Reflectors
  • Large Mudflaps
  • Swing Up Jockey Wheel
  • 50mm 3-bolt Lockable Coupling
  • Led Lights
  • New 14” Sunraysia Rims With 185r Tyres
  • Twin ADR Approved Safety Chains

Roshar Trailers is one of the leading Trailer manufacturing companies in Melbourne, Australia with over 15 years of Experience in Trailer Manufacturing Industry. We offer a diverse range of trailer options to cater to various customer needs by designing and manufacturing trailers in different sizes, models, including single, dual axle and Tri- Axle formations.
All Roshar Trailers are Australian Made and locally engineered, and they strictly adhere with the Australian Design Regulations (ADR) and Road Vehicle Standards Act 2019 (RVSA) providing our customers with safety and peace of mind.
We focus on value, quality, variety, functionality, and safety and are committed to delivering Trailers that not only fulfil practical needs but also ensure safety and satisfaction for the customers. Our customer-centric approach is fundamental, as it allows clients to find the best-suited trailer for their specific applications. Building long-term relationships with customers and clients while providing exceptional customer service is our Topmost Priority.
Roshar Trailers is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company which covers policies, processes, procedures, and documented records aimed at consistently delivering products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with applicable regulations

  • All our new trailers are constructed or provided in accordance with the specifications outlined on the invoices, issued at the time of payment. It is imperative that you verify the accuracy of the build specifications on the invoice before making any deposits or after any agreed-upon changes have been added to your order. If any modifications to the build specifications are not included in the order, they will not be reflected in the invoiced price and may not be rectifiable once the trailer has been fabricated, built, or completed. Trailers will be constructed using the parts, brands, and colours specified in the quote or visible in the yard. However, due to supply chain availability, we may need to source alternative parts, brands, or colours that are of either equal or superior quality as replacements without prior consultation. All our new trailers are covered by a 12-month structural warranty.
  • The images displayed on the Roshar trailers website or in any Roshar trailers advertisements may not accurately represent the precise specifications of the trailers being promoted.
  • Roshar trailers requires a 20% deposit to be paid prior to the commencement of any trailer build and final payment to be made on completion of the build. The original lead time quoted may affect due to delay in the payment of deposit.
  • Credit terms are not available with Roshar trailers unless they have been agreed upon prior to the processing of the order. It is imperative that customers are aware of this policy and make necessary arrangements accordingly.
  • The owner bears the responsibility of ensuring that the towing vehicle can tow the trailer’s gross ATM weight, the trailer has a suitable payload capacity for its intended use, the towing vehicle is wired to control all lights and electric brakes, the towing vehicle’s tow ball height tows the trailer horizontally flat, two suitably rated shackles can be connected to the towing vehicle, all trailer loads are secured correctly, and all trailer towing laws or regulations are followed.
  • Should you suspect that your trailer has incurred damage or intend to initiate a warranty claim, kindly reach out to Roshar trailers without delay and request a technical inspection. Subsequently, you will be allocated a designated time frame to transport your trailer to the Roshar trailers workshop located in Braeside for thorough examination.
  • This warranty shall not be applicable to any trailer that has undergone any of the following circumstances:
  • 1. Misuse, neglect, accident, or alteration by any individual.
  • 2. Damage or destruction caused by fire, flood, act of God, or any other inevitable accident.
  • 3. Rental to any individual or group.
  • 4. Towing by a rigid truck (it is advised that towing with a truck or modified suspension on a 4×4 may result in serious damage, cracks, or even breakage to the chassis and draw bar).
  • The warranty repairs shall not be deemed valid unless the trailer is transported to the Braeside facility. Roshar trailers shall not be liable for any supplementary charges that may incur during the process of returning the trailer to our Braeside facility.
  • Upon completion of the evaluation, you shall be duly notified of the outcome, the estimated duration of the repair, and the warranty coverage status of the repair. No repair work shall be undertaken without mutual agreement. In the event of warranty repairs, efforts shall be made to utilize identical parts. However, it is possible that parts, brands, colours, or suppliers may have been altered or are no longer available. In such cases, alternative parts of equal or superior quality may be utilized as substitutes, subject to prior consultation.
  • To avail of warranty repair services, it is imperative to furnish evidence of original ownership or lawful transfer of ownership.
  • It is to be noted that Roshar trailers does not provide trailer pick-up or delivery services to any destination.

Warranty voiding conditions

  • If the trailer has not undergone requisite maintenance, has been modified from the manufacturer’s original build standard, or if any replacement parts utilized fail to meet the specifications set forth by Roshar trailers, the warranty shall be rendered void.
  • The warranty shall be rendered null and void in the event of any instances of overloading, violation of laws, or non-compliance with safety protocols. Basic trailers shall not be held accountable for any expenses arising from unlawful utilization.
  • Roshar trailers employs qualified professionals who possess the necessary expertise to undertake any repairs required for warranty purposes. Any claims for monetary compensation pertaining to repairs carried out by third-party professionals or any other individual will not be entertained. Roshar trailers shall not be held responsible for any expenses incurred in relation to repairs conducted by any other entity or individual, including but not limited to expenses for parts, materials, or Labour. Furthermore, if repairs are conducted without prior approval from Roshar trailers, the warranty shall be rendered null and void.
  • To uphold the authenticity of your warranty, it is imperative that appropriate maintenance measures are undertaken for your trailer. It is recommended to ensure its cleanliness and, if feasible, store it in a sheltered area, while avoiding prolonged exposure to water accumulation or stagnation.
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